Thanks to

Many thanks to all of you who have provided me with information, that is available on this page. The people mentioned below (in alfabetical order) have one way or the other contributed to the genealogy and made the information so extensive. 
Doris Andersson, Kenny Andersson, Maj Andersson, Cliff Bradshaw, Jörgen Frosthage, Leif Hagberg, Maria Hagberg, Mary Hagberg, , Ottilia Hagberg , Karl-Erik Gustafsson, Peter Ingemarsson, Claes Johansson, Mona Johansson, Anders Jägard, Gun Jägard, Kerstin Karlsson, Elly Kopp, Harry Kopp, Britt Leandersson, Stina Ljungström, Anna-Greta Nilsson, Steven O'Green , Monica Palm , Miriam Ringuist, Roland Ringquist, Arne Sörqvist , Gunnar Sörqvist , Göran Weiler, Amy Winkler, Leann Yakimovich, Susan Yakimovich