Bestenliste der Kategorie CD-Player mit Tests zum Block C-120, Rotel RCD-1572, Symphonic Line Vibrato, Marantz CD6006, NAD C 516BEE und vielen mehr Login/Register. So you don't. These are summed by one half of a 5532 dual-op-amp chip acting as a differential amplifier, and then taken to a five-pole active filter. If you could get something that sounded like a Theta for under $400, you'd see Neil Sinclair and Mike Moffat on those news stories about the homeless. Unfortunately, one of the reasons it sounded so nice was that I found the $400/meter AudioQuest silver Lapis to be almost a magical match with the NAD, the Straight Wire Maestro proving a much tougher load than the poor NAD could properly drive. Well, to say I was impressed is putting it lightly; this kid knew more about audio gear than most adults I know, and he said he owed it all to Stereophile (smart boy). What atracks me to NAD is the sobergrey finish, and than i can forget the equipment and feel the music. Two changes are immediately noticeable. 5320. buy by phone, click & … One is the addition of a USB input that will accept MP3 and WMA tracks stored on a USB drive. I preferred the NAD for a number of reasons. NAD 5425: $299 Chris sounded like a good li'l guy, so I called him up and suggested we go grab a burger. MASH was the first low bit technique ever used in domestic CD players, and it owes its genesis to Technics who developed the hardware in conjunction with Japan's telecommunications industry. We then turn the responsive control dial to track three: 33 God. Sortiere nach: Preis Preis-/Leistung Klangniveau Datum CD,digitaleingaenge,xlrausgang. Vintage Audio Reviews August 09, 2015 . For the design minimalist, ther… Comments. There’s no need to throw your CDs out, in fact, with this CD player the motto is ‘the more the merrier’. That's not half-bad!". I began my subscription to Stereophile in 1993 (still a subscriber to date) and really enjoyed Corey's writings as well. NAD CD-Player; NAD C 545BEE; NAD C 545BEE 3 Tests (MP3-CD-Player) Vergleichen Hinzugefügt. I was just about to ask the same- dougpeterson. Don't get me wrong; the NAD will not give you the bass impact of even the Audio Alchemy DDE, which I find a bit lacking in this area. The analog outputs (there is no digital-out jack) are AC-coupled with some of the cheapest-looking 25µF/25VDC electrolytic caps I've ever seen. In my experience, gear with beefier output stages usually sounds better with the Maestro, which is much higher in capacitance than the Lapis. The NAD 5425 is the new cheapest CD player that still sounds musical. I played my cd collection for years on Philips CD players with much satisfying hours. C 546BEE CD Player Um zu den Websites unserer Vertriebspartner in Deutschland, der Schweiz oder Österreich zu gelangen, klicken Sie bitte auf die entsprechende Flagge unten. ohne Note. Canor CD 2.10 getestet in Stereo 10/2020. NOT because it rivals the Sonographe in ease of emotional flow; it doesn't. Believe it or not, I actually liked the 5425's controls better than any of the other players'. NAD C 538 CD Player from NAD is designed to work with a range of systems, the NAD C 538 is the perfect partner for your CD collection. Second it looks to be well put together with a solid door mechanism. I choked on my chicken breast; a Theta?! And NOT because it really, really excels in one or two musically important areas; it don't. And it's not so. What it will do is not sound half-bad. 4. Click below to view the "nad electronics of america 5355" valuation report; including current used pricing and market data* Gather price information about this cd player and many others before you buy, sell or … Of course it's not a Theta! Either way, I wanted to find out just what made a 15-year-old audiophile tick. My mission was clear: find Chris a good midprice CD player or face the wrath of his folks, who for some reason think I'm the one putting all these expensive audio-notions into their boychik's head. Conclusion Aktuelle Info wird geladen... Typ: Audio- CD- Player, MP3- CD- Player: Mehr Daten zum Produkt. book a free site visit. First and foremost, it has little or none of the glare, the off-putting brightness of those players. It’s a track laden with as many intricacies as obscurities, and the NAD takes them all in its stride, allowing the colourful synth textures to materialise. When we last reviewed the NAD C545BEE CD player, it impressed us enough to get five stars. just saying! And there was always this one scrawny kid left at the end who nobody wanted? SELECT MAGAZINE. The analog section is built around another pair of 5532s, small-value film caps, and the aforementioned 25µF electrolytic coupling caps. I would love to see how a rediscovered new-in-box one of these would hold up for comparison nowadays. 5420. Er ist kein Ausstattungswunder, spielt aber immerhin MP3s und WMAs von USB-Sticks ab. When it comes to CD players, NAD's veteran engineers know exactly where to spend just a little extra money for a better-quality part, in order to extract the absolute best sound from compact discs. NAD Electronics Yes, they still make CDs and CD players. NAD makes much of the fact that they operate their 5532s without stressing them into TIM as do many other manufacturers, which is a pretty noble concept at this price level. It’s so fine, it kepts me not going into high end. NAD 5330 CD player The NAD 5330 CD player is a very basic unit. Listening . This may finally be the one cheap CD player the modkateers don't try to upgrade; where would they start?! Bei der angeblichen Veredelung der Operationsverstärker in der Ausgangsstufe muss es sich um einen Übersetzungsfehler in der Produktliteratur handeln. It's the player you buy for your bedroom, the one you recommend to your friends who want to buy "something good" but don't want to spend any money for that "something good." Aktuelle Info wird geladen... Sehr gut 1,5; 3 Tests; 1 Meinung; Sehr gut (1,5) 3 Tests. 84. But c'mon! When you get a piece of gear like the Theta, the VTL 225 amps, the Lyra cartridges, you run these puppies through the WRINGER, because not only are they expensive, but they do so few things wrong that you have to get out the X-Ray Spex and really hunt for problems. Nor will it rival the bang-for-the-buck Rotel RCD-855. HiFi-Test Disc-Spieler Filter. "Like what?" I do. Three years on, and NAD has released the new NAD C546BEE: it’s not a replacement, but seen as the ‘bigger brother’ of the older model. "Well, like the Audio Alchemy DDE—" I began, but Chris banged his fists on the table in frustration. This slimline CD player stands just 7.5cm tall, and though we don’t recommend stacking your hi-fi components, its stackable dimensions are no bad thing provided you’re on board with the understated, purposeful aesthetic that typifies the series. You heard me right; I preferred the sound of the el-cheapo NAD 5425 to the $750 Denon DCD-2560 and the $900 Sony CDP-X555ES. And because of its easily distinguishable controls, the NAD was far and away the easiest to deal with in the dark, which is not unimportant in my book. Still, there’s not much to complain about when the result is as clean and easy to use as this. 1 Meinung. The li'l NAD was, for me, the biggest surprise of the players reviewed this month. Dank des frontseitigen USB-Anschlusses lässt sich Musik auch von USB-Sticks lesen, was das Modell auch im Zeitalter des Online-Streamings zu einem interessanten Gerät macht. Latest Reviews. Die besten Produkte aus CD-Player/-Rekorder anhand von aktuellen Tests und Meinungen aus 2020 auf vergleichen! Und der ist wirklich gut! 3500. Ehhh, forget that analogy. However, it's up against the truly brilliant Marantz CD6006 UK Edition, which sounds better across the board and has the added bonus of a USB input. STORES NATIONWIDE. The company seems to have followed the same style notes for decades, and the C 538 bears many similarities to its forebears. NAD CD Players. Which one, I asked? Also, it's a fact that some output stages need to see a little inductance (the Maestro has extremely low inductance, while the Lapis does not) lest they become unstable, just as Naim amps depend on the high inductance of the spaced-pair Naim speaker cable to remain stable. Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. Because the truth is, Bob Harley didn't say the Audio Alchemy DDE SUUUUUUUUUCKED; in fact, he praised it as being a hell of a nice-sounding unit for the bucks. And when you're all set to run from the room because you just KNOW that a player this cheap can't possibly sound good, the music starts. Die Angebotsinformationen basieren auf den Angaben des jeweiligen Händlers und werden über automatisierte Prozesse aktualisiert. SMARTHOME. Fifteen-year-old boys are supposed to be running around in wild packs, terrorizing the commonwealth and trying to get into 15-year-old girls' pants, not worrying about things like high-end audio. Specifications NAD 5325 CD player: - Disc format: CD - Digital converter: LC7881 - CD Mechanism: TAOHS-JP1 - Frequency response: 8Hz to 20kHz - Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB - Channel separation: 80dB - Total harmonic distortion: 0.004% - Line output: 2V - Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 87 x 231 mm - Weight: 3 kg . Looks like it was designed for use by the military. The NAD C538 CD player. when the drawer opened. Username or e-mail: * Password: * Create new account; Request new password; Latest Comments. SHOPPING BASKET | Hello, Sign In . One day I got a letter from right here in Austin, from a 15-year-old audiophile named Chris. Reines Laufwerk. The styling is standard NAD; you either like it or you don't. Erschienen: Februar 2012; Details zum Test; Klang-Niveau: … But when you take something like the $299 NAD, all that critical hoo-ha evaporates; you can't POSSIBLY hold the li'l guy up to the same criteria as the typical high-end product! On the one hand, I could easily relate to Chris's 15-year-old impatience with anything that represented "second-rate"; I remember drawing endless pictures of Fender Stratocasters all over my school notebooks, dreaming of the day I'd finally own one. hell of a nice-sounding unit for the bucks, California Audio Labs Tercet Mk.III CD player, Sumo Axiom CD transport & Theorem II D/A processor, Four 3rd-Generation CD players: Adcom, Magnavox, Onkyo, Yamaha, Meridian 263 D/A processor & 200 CD transport, Gramophone Dreams #43: First Watt F8 power amplifier, Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature loudspeaker, Analog Corner #304: SAT XD1 record player, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. Re: Low Mc Output; Re: C-2 "how It Sounds" Re: Cd5; Re: Cd-4000; Re: Ta-2650 One Channel... Gallery Images. Jeder, der einen CD-Player bis 1000 Euro sucht, sollte den C 568 auf der To-Hear-Liste haben. Neben herkömmlichen CDs liest der NAD-CD-Player auch CDs mit MP3- und WMA-Dateien. It's too light. Im englischen Original ist davon nämlich keine Rede, und tatsächlich arbeiten im 525 wie im 521 zwei hochwertige Burr-… Again, it's no giant-killer; hook it up to a high-end system and you will not be moved to tears. You listen to it with almost zero expectations. And steps to follow to replace the laser unit. What can I say about this player? Product: Audiophile vintage NAD 5325 CD player. Corey where are you? I'd lie in bed at night with the JVC balancing on my chest, the sweet lullabies of Led Zeppelin wafting me off to sleep, the sweat pouring out of my ears from the hermetic seal of the 'phones. We chatted more over the meal, and after a while the topic swung around to digital. Was sofort auffällt, ist die in der gesamten Classic Line verwendete Gehäusefarbe. What? Unkompliziert im Handling, gut verarbeitet und klanglich top!“ The sound is detailed and clear, build quality great, and the utility very high. Manche finden es schade, andere sagen „wurde ja auch Zeit!“. Regelbarer Ausgang. No bling, just good sound. Some drawbacks are that it does not have a digital output or HDCD compatible. Great to read that young new audiophiles come to audioland. Those familiar with the British firm’s five-star AXA35amplifier from the same AX series will note the AXC35’s near identical dimensions, colour scheme and looks. he snorted, just like I used to, in that perfectly executed 15-year-old way that made white steam shoot out of my folks' ears. Maßgeblich ist der tatsächliche Preis, den der Händler zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs auf seiner Webseite anbietet. ", "'CAUSE ROBERT HARLEY SAID IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!". "The Generation II! This is a short video demonstrating the functionality of a NAD compact disc player, aka CD player. Hopefully, he is still involved w/ Audio? We hook up the NAD via its line-level outputs (there are optical and coaxial digital outputs too), watch the disc close on Bon Iver’s 22, A Million album. It's too plastic. I was looking for a multi-play CD player. Maybe I wanted to reclaim some of my youth by association; maybe I just wanted to see if I could weasel a meal out of the kid. I knew the good sides and bad sites of NAD. Much cheaper than McIntosh, and a lust for my eyes. Whatever the reason, the Lapis let the NAD sound its best, and I said "unfortunately" before because NOBODY is going to buy a $400 pair of interconnects for a $299 CD player! Preis/Leistung: „exzellent“ (4 von 5 Sternen), Preis/Leistung: „überragend“, „Empfehlung: Bedienung“. 130 Meinungen. Ab hier finden Sie weitere NAD CD-Player nach Beliebtheit sortiert. I am not clear why he left the Audio press and/or stopped writing? Sie verlassen die Website von NAD. This is accompanied by a bunch of other useful features that are a thrill for music lovers everywhere. Schwarz hat hier das klassische Dunkelgrau früherer Generationen von NAD-Produkten mittlerweile abgelöst. "Chris, the Theta is killer, but there's other gear out there that's really good too, and for a lot less money—". NAD C 545BEE im Test der Fachmagazine. On the other hand, you never clap your hands to your ears the way you do with every single other sub–$300 CD player out there, the latest Magnavoci included. I guess this will be added sooner than later. Recommended, therefore, as the lowest-priced entry yet into good digital sound. I will keep this CD player for years to come. Aber hinsichtlich des minimalistischen Designs sind sowohl der C 568, als auch der C 368 dann wieder ganz typisch NAD – nur leicht aufgefrischt eben, mit der DNA des Markenkerns. I have always liked NAD, and the 523 does not disappoint. Wir zeigen Ihnen die derzeit besten CD-Player von NAD am Markt. "Waitaminute! SACD. No, what Bob said was that the Audio Alchemy just wasn't up to the ultimate performance of the more expensive processors, and it occurred to me that there're probably a lot of readers, some quite a few moons past 15, who think that anything less than a Theta, Stax, or a Krell SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. „Mit dem so schwungvoll wie musikalisch spielenden C 568 bietet NAD einen ziemlich klassischen CD-Player an. The NAD 5425 is the new cheapest CD player that still sounds musical. Then why was it such a surprise, you ask? Man, as soon as I save up enough money, I'm buying it!". They're big raised buggers and impossible to miss, unlike the seemingly endless rows of identical buttons on the more expensive machines. First off I'll say it sounds very good. 53 CD-Player/-Rekorder auf It serves them on a tonally even platter and reaches a level of ‘easy listeni… 5425. That was you?! And that's actually better than what the twice-as-expensive Denon and thrice-as-expensive Sony players were able to accomplish. His entertaining writing led to his editorship of Audio magazine last issues, then years as tech editor at NBC Today, last seen extolling the virtues of wet shaving. For one thing, it's all relative; just as there are some people who can afford to spend whatever it takes to get the highest level of sound quality available in their homes, there's a whole lot of us reg'lar folk who can't. The trail goes cold. But i realy want Dali Callisto. Wir benachrichtigen Sie kostenlos bei neuen Tests zum Thema NAD Audio-CD-Player. … Eine Aktualisierung in Echtzeit findet nicht statt, so dass der Preis seit der letzten Aktualisierung gestiegen sein kann. NOT because it's a giant-killer like the now-discontinued Rotel RCD-855 (footnote 1); it's not. The 5425 is a MASH machine utilizing the MN6471 DAC, which has balanced analog outputs. I half-expected it to squeak, "Hey, gimme back my lunch money you guys!" It's the player you buy for your bedroom, the one you recommend to your friends who want to buy "something good" but don't want to spend any money for that "something good." CD-Spieler aus der C-54er Reihe von NAD waren schon immer besonders klangstarke Favoritenkiller. User login. Unter unseren Top 2 kein passendes Produkt gefunden? Cory Greenberg wrote 763 very good words BEFORE he even mentioned the NAD CD player . Still, if you prefer the AXC35 CD's slim and stylish form factor, this unit is a very worthy proposition. I guess it was his age that intrigued me; when I was 15, I had a cheap JVC jambox, a big gnarly pair of Koss headphones, and I thought it couldn't get any better than that! I've only had the NAD C525BEE CD Player for about a week now, so I've been trying every CD I have to see has she does. How about this: Remember when you were in high school PE and you had to split the class up into two teams for dodge-ball, scooter-tag, etc., so Coach Scrotem picked two captains to choose sides? In fact, I kept the 5425 in my bedroom system the longest of any of the other players, even the Sonographe SD-22. Teenie-tiny power transformer, ceramic caps all over the place...the output RCA jack assembly makes the flimsy stock Philips jacks look like Tiffanies. Honestly, I was intrigued as hell that such a seemingly low-budget CD player could be so nice to listen to. Die Versandkosten hängen von der gewählten Versandart ab, es handelt sich um Mindestkosten. . I mulled over this for a Texas minute. It's probably a safe bet, though, that AudioQuest's lower-priced cables would work well with the NAD, too. Dafür haben wir Tests und Meinungen ausgewertet und zu einer Gesamtnote verrechnet. Again, it's no giant-killer; hook it up to a high-end system and you will not be moved to tears. CD. Die besten CD-Player von NAD im Test Unabhängige Testurteile Eine Gesamtnote Die NAD CD-Player Bestenliste ⭐ Mit besten Empfehlungen Look inside: it's every cheapie Asian CD player you ever ran in horror from. Have you heard the Audio Alchemy? The front panel boasts just the basic transport controls and the display is clear enough to be useful from a distance. There's an overall ease to the NAD that's a new benchmark at this low a price. Round the back, there’s the standard stereo R… Aw, what the hell, I'll just come out and say it: the NAD 5425 is the runt of this litter, a li'l grey churchmouse of a CD player. SALES LINE 0333 016 4775. customer support 01732 740944. Mehr erfahren. Um es ganz schonungslos auszudrücken: Selbst mit der Lupe lassen sich keine Bauteilunterschiede zwischen dem 521 und dem 525 entdecken. LOL. Digitaleingänge. Kraftvoll, rhythmisch treibend und nahezu „analog“ musizierender Röhren-CD-Player mit eingebautem … BluRay. 50 Tests It's too cheap. I'll bet that there've been more Rotel RCD-855s and Audio Alchemy DDEs sold over the last year than all the megabuck processors combined. 2020-10. It does play CDR's as well! In der Regel sind die Geräte teurer als herkömmliche CD-Player, außerdem brauchen Sie für den Rundumklang einen HiFi-Receiver nebst 5.1-Lautsprechern. That alone is reason to recommend the 5425! When you're 15, four grand for anything besides braces is INSANE! XLR-Ausgang. 5325. Rugged looking finish and appearance. DVD. NAD 5425 CD-player review and test NAD 5425 CD-player CD player is a cleverly engineered design built around a MASH converter. Later on i went on collecting NAD equipment and enjoy even more from music. For what you pay for these products, they'd better sound kick-ass! After I drove Chris home, I thought some more about what he'd said and why. Top-Lader . read our free magazine . In summary, this fuss-free CD player serves up enough detail and clarity to justify its entry into our rundown of the Best CD Players. For over 45 years, NAD Electronics has earned a renowned reputation for creating great sounding products at amazingly affordable prices, and nowhere is this more evident than in NAD's CD players. Know anybody like that? I heard already a MA5300 with Sonus Faber loudspeakers, and yes it is good sound. NAD 5330 on my most stable platform. Staying true to the overall excellence of the brand, the Sony CDP-CE500 5-Disc CD Changer offers up an all-around amazing sound experience. And you go, "Hey! When you're all grown up and 15-year-old girls are illegal, then you can buy a Theta. There’s no mistaking a NAD CD player for anything else. Das will der C 546 BEE im Test einmal mehr beweisen. The NAD's top end is most definitely downward-tilted, to the detriment of sparkly sounds like cymbals, castanets, and that sea-shells-on-a-string thingie they're always shaking on Ana Caram's CDs for that authentic South Seas flavor ("Those of you in the first five rows: you will get wet"). Neben normalen CD-Playern mit und ohne Wechsler sind spezielle DJ-CD-Player im Handel erhältlich, bei denen Sie die Abspielgeschwindigkeit steuern und diverse Effekte zuschalten können. Features are very limited, remote control capability is absent, and digital output is absent. Chris mentioned that he owned a budget-level CD player, but that the sound drove him nuts; what he really wanted to buy was a Theta. gesetzlicher MwSt. SUPPORT DELIVERY CLICK & COLLECT. But if i went on, and when i go to high end, i want it with McIntosh.